Conquer WWII.

Everyday the world, particularly TV and the news, resets my belief and my faith in defending my own people. I feel that because of WWII the world forces me to accept defeat. Because of two world wars not only do Europeans not want to conquer anymore, they do not defend themselves either. Even though Britain was […]

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Northern attraction.

Between Norway, Britain and Germany we could take on the world with our economy and northern attraction. Why would a Briton permanently move to and set down roots in France, Spain or Italy? We are further north so it doesn’t make sense. Considering it’s history why would any European permanently move to and set down roots […]

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Do not look up to stars.

‪Imagine if Chinese or Indian actors, pop stars, superstars and even the Chinese or Indian governments and media etc were vehemently anti-Chinese or anti-Indian, that is that they were aggressively speaking up for and actively vocalising their support of the rights and betterment of non-Chinese or non-Indian people before their own Chinese or Indian people. […]

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I am confused about race, there is a huge tug of war going on inside me regarding it. The external world tells me that I am wrong and that I should not care about my country, people and religions (Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism), and that I should only care about personal matters, but my internal […]

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How can we be spiritual with Christianity? What I mean by spirituality is that sitting cross legged and meditating is not a particularly Christian thing to do in the west. Europeans do not sit cross legged. Therefore, it is really hard to be spiritual with Christianity compared to Buddhism. I am currently reading Buddhism For […]

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