To spread (colonisation).

Because of the Holocaust white people do not want to procreate anymore. What I mean by procreation is the spread, expansion and growth of the species, this was the entire point of empires and colonisation, to spread. This is why we colonised Australia, South Africa and the New World, to spread. It is only natural for a species to want to spread, it is in our genes, for example tigers want lots of tigers not lions or ligers. In fact everything spreads, viruses spread, plants spread and animals spread, everything except white people spreads. Not only do white people not want to spread anymore, like South Africa, they are actively going about subtly undoing or reversing their former spread. Why? Because of Hitler. They are doing this by the reverse spread or reverse colonisation of non-white people (mostly from their former colonies) into their own native territory. From this trend you can predict that white people will wipe themselves off the face of the planet. Subtle!


By accepting that the Nile Valley or Egypt is the Father’s kingdom that Jesus Christ referred to in the Lord’s Prayer it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the hypothesis of the reversal of deserved divinity of nativism and primitivism does not even go there concerning anti-Semitism. If you do Egypt you do Israel. That is if you go one further than Israel and fully accept and appreciate the Nile Valley as a brother then you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are never anti-Semitic.

Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4.


Imagine if white Americans evolved all of a sudden to some higher state and then generally began to lose the desire to want to miscegenate with Europeans or Britons. That has got to be a bloody awful feeling! To know that somebody does not want to miscegenate with you. The British do not understand this feeling. The British know that everyone wants to miscegenate with them. That is what it feels like to be white. However, that is how some non-white people feel. That is they know that white people do not want to miscegenate with them. You know that you do not need me to tell you that and it is not racism. It is never personal either.

Patriotic tingles.

Political correctness destroys patriotic tingles for Europeans. Patriotic tingles are when you watch a film say Gladiator with Russel Crowe or Zulu with Michael Caine and at certain emotional points in the film, particularly when combined with theme music your hairs stand on end and you feel tingling sensations like ASMR. Because of multiculturalism and political correctness it is increasingly rare for Europeans to feel patriotic tingles these days. They call patriotic tingles, racism, white supremacism, chauvinism and jingoism, but it is no more than patriotic tingles. In heaven or the afterlife there will be many patriotic tingles for Europeans.

Because of two world wars not only do Europeans not want to conquer anymore, they do not defend themselves either.

I look forward to the afterlife.

Gladiator film (2000).


The problem.

If you think about it, what can any one person (such as a politician) do to save native white people? Apart from most not wanting to, it is impossible! We cannot do anything. Not a single person, not even the Queen can say or do anything to save native white people. As soon as you open your mouth you would be called a racist and booed and jeered and milkshaked. You would sacrifice absolutely everything you own, including all of your money, your career and your reputation.

The solution.

The hypothesis of the reversal of divine merit of nativism and primitivism operates or thinks in the opposite or inverse direction of capitalism or instincts, therefore it determines that in order to save native white people, (for which there can be no greater glory), then we all as individuals (such as politicians) must bravely sacrifice absolutely everything that we own, including all of our money, our career and our reputation.



The problem with Hitler is that it is not the 6 million Jews that he ordered the killing of or for example the 150 skeletal specimens of Jews that were ordered by Dr Sievers for the Ancestral Heritage Institute in Germany, from alive and kicking Jewish Bolshevik commissars who were subsequently killed for their skeletons for the purpose, (under Hitler’s programme that is). It is Europe… it is Athens, it is Rome, it is Britain, it is South Africa, it is America, it is Australia, it is even Israel and Jerusalem. In fact Hitler even ruined Egypt. Hitler ruined all these countries, cities and Empires. That is the weight on his shoulders. That is the gut feeling he has in the bottom of his stomach. If Athens and Rome are finished, then one has to ask some serious questions about heaven and the afterlife. It is the history and the cities, countries and Empires that we have lost that we cannot forgive, not the 6 million Jews. I would not want to be Adolf Hitler in this life or the next.

One can give up on life, but one cannot give up on Europe, if one has to, then one has to ask some serious questions about the afterlife. Such as where is Europe in the afterlife? Where is Athens? Is Rome going to let go?


Advanced primitives.

How can Americans be natives or primitives? They are not native Americans and they are the most advanced people on Earth. What about if they could be advanced primitives? That is like two sides of a perfect coin, advanced scientifically but primitive philosophically? Like if the people who made smart phones were like Buddhist or Christian monks and did it not for personal profit, but just to keep the company innovative and state of the art? They would be truly advanced beings. We could get to the stars but we are still primitive.

On Earth as in heaven.

Nativism and primitivism are the following. Most people want something Bill Gates has, that being money. For example normal people fantasise that if only Bill Gates could spare even just one million dollars for them. Because everybody wants something something Bill Gates has therefore he wins, he is everything and he is important and therefore there is inequality between everybody and him, between wanters and wanted. However, people who practice nativism and primitivism, even though they are literally nothing more than a hundredaire, tenaire or even a oneaire, they consciously do not want or desire anything Bill Gates has, therefore, he does not win and therefore there is equality between practitioners of nativism and primitivism and Bill Gates. To reiterate, everybody down here on Earth wants something Bill Gates has, therefore he wins and he is important. Therefore imagine if everybody on the planet practiced nativism and primitivism and had no desire for anything Bill Gates has, he would not win, he would not be important and he would be normal. This is exactly what happens in the afterlife, because of the fact that we do not require food in heaven and therefore we do not require money, therefore, not a single one of us in heaven desires anything Bill Gates has, therefore he does not win, he is not important and he is very normal. This is what nativism and primitivism do that being we should do on Earth as in heaven. Amen.

Trance and techno 4.

Trance and techno 4. (June-July 2019).

Trance and techno 4.
Trance and techno 4.
  1. 9V (Original Mix), Chris Von B.
  2. Choice of angels, John O’Callaghan.
  3. Bass Against Time (Extended mix), Serjan.
  4. Kingdom of Heaven (Original mix), Danny Eaton.
  5. Landmark (Club mix), Solaratone, Lostly.
  6. Now I Can Breathe Again (Extended Remix), Simon Patterson, feat. Lucy Pullin, Greg Downey.
  7. Observer (Original Mix), Tycoos.
  8. Caramel (Extended Mix), Marco V.
  9. Sixty Nine (Original Mix), Irregular Synth.
  10. Socarrat (Original Mix), Vitodito.
  11. Real Love, (Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton).

Trance and techno 3.

Trance and techno 3. (June-July 2019).

Trance and techno 3.
Trance and techno 3.
  1. 1997 (Extended Mix), BT, Ferry Corsten.
  2. 22 (Original Mix), I Am Bam.
  3. Alba (Ashley Wallbridge Extended Remix), Super 8.
  4. Another Day Without You (Extended Mix), Linnea Schossow, Raphael Osmo.
  5. Ascension (Extended Mix), Vintage & Morelli.
  6. Summer’s Gone (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix), Aldous
  7. The One (Original Mix), Magic Mizrahi, Soundbuster.
  8. The Darkside (Extended Mix), Shugz.
  9. Through The Looking Glass (Extended Mix), John Askew.
  10. There’s Only You (Above & Beyond Extended Club Mix), Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston.

Trance and techno 2.

Trance and techno 2. (June-July 2019).

Trance and techno 2.
Trance and techno 2.
  1. Bifrost (Extended Mix), Nikolauss, Starpicker.
  2. 9V (Original Mix), Chris Von B.
  3. Now I Can Breathe Again (Extended Remix), Simon Patterson, feat. Lucy Pullin, Greg Downey.
  4. Brethren (Original Mix), UMEK.
  5. Odyssey (Original Mix), Irregular Synth.
  6. Caramel (Extended Mix), Marco V.
  7. Drop Two, (Extended Mix), Sean Tyas, Niko Zografos.
  8. Aurora (Extended Mix), C-Systems.
  9. Over Town (Extended Mix), Rodg.
  10. Sesh Gremlin (Extended Mix), Ashley Bradbury.

Trance and techno 1.


Trance and techno 1. (June-July 2019).

Trance and techno 1.
Trance and techno 1.
  1. Caffeine (Extended), Maarten De jong, Allen Watts.
  2. Choice of angels, John O’Callaghan.
  3. Aberrant (Original mix), Durtysoxxx, Optimuss.
  4. Absolute Reality (Arty Remix), Reverse.
  5. It’s Always Now (Extended mix), TyDi, Matt Fax.
  6. Atomo (Original mix), The Southern.
  7. Kingdom of Heaven (Original mix), Danny Eaton.
  8. Real Love, (Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton).